Logan County District 2 County Commissioner

About Logan County District 2 County Commissioner
    It is my honor and privilege to serve you as Logan County District 2 County Commissioner for over eleven years.

    In that time, under my direction, the District 2 Crew has paved and repaired more than 33 miles of asphalt roads, replaced and repaired dozens of bridges, placed and replaced hundreds of culverts and tinhorns across section line roads and driveway entrances with their hard work.

    My belief in the sanctity of life and the right to defend it has instituted a pro-worker pro-citizen working environment. We embrace a “can do” attitude to promote addressing concerns with problem solving. Training is essential to the proper maintenance of all Oklahoma’s 231 districts roads. We strongly encourage enhancing employee skills utilizing state provided training. All District 2 employees have completed multiple levels of training and four are accomplished LTAP certified Roads Scholars. My road foreman has completed all county road maintenance and operations courses offered by the state. Our Crew performs to the best of its ability with the resources available.

I ask for your Vote August 25, 2020.

Michael Pearson

Commissioner District 2 East Logan County

We are strong!
We can do it!
We will win again
Liberty Letter from Mike Pearson

    To the all men and women who call East Logan County home while currently serving our county away from home, I salute you for your service! I appreciate the many active duty brothers, sisters, and fellow veterans who have pursued and continue to pursue such a sacrifce on behalf of our civilian community. My former active years in United States Military taught me to give the best of my all in duty and in service. Thank you for your continued dedication in serving our great county and country.  It’s my honor to continue to serve as your current Logan County Commissioner of District 2.

    Here in District 2, we have an efective maintenance team who work hard to efficiently maintain our roads with our most important focus: the safety of the people of Logan County.  In any endeavor, communication is key to proper maintenance and continued projects.  Please feel free at anytime to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

    In desire to better assist our community, I ask that you share any concerns regarding roads and bridges by contacting me by visiting our website at LoganCountyOK.com or by texting my personal cell phone number listed below.  I also ask for your continued support in my upcoming election to continue as your District 2 Commissioner by voting for Mike Pearson for Logan County Commissioner of D2 on June 30th, 2020.

With great regard for all you continue to do,

Michael Pearson
Mike Pearson
(405) 650-0384

Our Logan County Web site is a great source of information, bulletins, advisories, and county wide updates. You can sign up and receive county wide emergency notifications.  All of our county offices are on the site with information that you can access or sign up on to receive text or email.  Visit LoganCountyOK.com